Introducing Our New Membership Fee Structure and Online System

Introducing Our New Membership Fee Structure and Online System

Connemara Chamber of Commerce wishes to announce two major changes to the way we operate our membership system:

1. An updated fee structure for existing and members

2. A new online member management system


1. Updated Fee Structure

  • After many years Connemara Chamber has reformed its membership fee structure. We have introduced a new tiered membership fee structure to better reflect our membership base. The new fee structure is based on number of employees per business which we believe is a fairer.
  • This new fee structure is in place and effective from 1st January 2023
  • Note our new tiered membership options in the table below:
Membership Options – Connemara Chamber of Commerce
Annual Fee
Annual Membership – 1 – 5 Employees / Sole Traders €            200
Annual Membership – 6 – 10 Employees €            250
Annual Membership – 11-20 Employees €            300
Annual Membership – 21+ Employees €            400
Annual Membership – Community Organisations or Groups €            100


2. A New Online Membership Management System

  • In parallel to the roll-out of our updated fee structure, we are also rolling our a new online membership management system and bringing our membership system fully online.
  • This new system brings state of the art technology to the management of our membership subscriptions which , going forward saves valuable voluntary time and effort.
  • As well as the above, there are 2 key benefits to members of this new system:
    • (1) A quick and easy way to pay and renew your membership – 4 methods of membership payment payment are now available (i) Debit Card (ii) IBAN Bank Transfer (iii) Standing Order (iv) Cheque – see details of each during the checkout process.
    • (2) Member Control and Access to Membership Subscription Information – the new digital membership system delivers new functionality for members such as: automatic receipts for membership renewal, ability to update your account information, download invoices and payment receipts, change payment method and view information on your membership status.

To become a member (or renew membership) of Connemara Chamber of Commerce, please visit our online shop >>